he labs were reactivated as the part of the broader for the elimination of violence against women. Reactivation could be possible with the technical supports of AWSDC and financial support of Foreign Common Wealth (FCO). The initiative is said to be first of its type in Forensic Medicine Department. The labs will serve in the investigation and verification of sexual, physical violence cases and age assessments. Hereafter, the cases can be backed up with the medical evidence, consequently, true justice would be provided to the victims of violence. AWSDC cordially thanks all the honorable guests for attending and glorifying the ceremony. Special thanks to H.E Ambassador, Karen Pierece, Najia Tariq – Deputy Minister of Public Health, Shenkai Karokhail – Member Parliament, Dr. Faridullah Rahiq- Director Forensic Medicine Department, Sajia Behgam – AWSDC Program Coordinator, Frishta Sharifi, Nooria Sultani, Samira Hamidi, Sadiq Ayaar, Khorshed Noori, Fareeda Wardak, Jamal Azam, Sajjad Rahim and everyone who contributed in turning the initiative in to a success.

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