A coward Act against Women on the evening of July 13, 2015 Baghlan Province
The report is meant to share the impact of the blast that took place in Pul e Khumri centre of Baghlan Province. Further, the report covers the situation of two brave women who have been seriously injured.
The blast took place in an Aftaar gathering that was held at the Grand Mosque of Pul e khumri. The gathering participants were HRDs, civil society members, government officials and local people. They all had gathered to unite against the anti- social, political and anti- humanity elements.
The blast affected several people, but here we would like to bring in your notice two of the women who have been severally affected. The victims were Ms Shah Jan “Ayubi” – Member Provincial council Baghlan, Province and Miss Humaira “Kahzaad”- Advisor to Baghlan Provincial Governance. Apart from their designation what makes them significant is their active engagement in an unfavorable environment for women in Baghlan.
These women have been always known for their bravery, tirelessly engaging in serving the community and their achievements. It was said that rest of the attendees were men where only these two were representing women.
Here everyone is requested to provide their supports and express their sympathies with these two brave women so that they don’t feel neglected. In the meantime show to the anti-humanity elements that WE WILL ALWAYS STAND AGAINST THE EVILS OF THE SOCIETY AND WIN PEACE, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY

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