Date: 16 – 17 ,2015
Two days Conference on Ways to Combat Sexual Violence Against Women in the light of Islam and its Psychological Impacts was conducted at Bran Imperatory Hotel, The conference aimed to bring the Religious scholars, civil society members and government official in order to find the ways to eliminate violence against women and significantly understand the psychological dimensions upon the victims. The attended participants were invited from Mazar e Sherif , Balkh districts and neighboring provinces (Badakshan , Takhar, Kudoz, Baghlan , Sarpul, Jozjan, Faryab and Smangan) The Conference officially started with Recitation holy Quran, welcoming by AWDCS members ( Mr. Sadiq Ayar and Homira Kohzad ) . After words Mrs. Taher Haqjo Provincial Council Secretary, delivered and welcomed participants on behalf of Balkh Provincial Council. A declaration signed in which the duties of each attending group will be documented. Besides, a working committee established that would steer the activities in Balkh and neighboring provinces. The project is highly thankful to Ministry of women Affairs, Ministry of hajj and religious Affairs, Provincial Governance, Balk women leaders Network (RAWLI in Mazar) and all the supporting teams. And we are thankful to Foreign Common Wealth office, Kabul for financially supporting our project.

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