AWSDC has conducted 16 days campaign regarding combating sexual violence against women in Afghanistan.The following activities were implemented in this aspect
AWSDC has facilitated the platform for the high officials and influential leaders to stand together for the elimination of violence against women in Afghanistan. The mentioned people expressed their consent and their motivation by sharing their statements. This reflects their commitment for standing to fight the violence against women. In order to have a broader impact of their statements upon the common mass, their pictorial statements are publicized through the billboards and various media channels. The initiative is said to be a very good inspiration for common masses across the country.

AWSDC is proud to have been the pioneer for such a campaign on the national level. AWSDC will not have been able to have such achievement with out support of the relevant people. In this regard AWSDC cordially thanks H.E President – Dr Ashraf Ghani, H.E. The first lady – Bibi Gul Ghani, H.E. Chief Executive Officer – Dr Abdullah Abdullah , Excellency First Vice President – General Abdul Rashid Dostum, Chief justice – Said Yousuf Haleem, National Security Advisor – Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Respected Sir Sayaaf ,Respected Dr. Sima Samar, the cabinet ministers and all the members of board who cooperated with us through their strong statements and commitment —which is to combat violence against women.

We would also like to thank the Maiwand and, Bakhtar publishing without whose help we would not have been able to publicize the campaign on national level with such a short period of time. The credit also goes to workaholic staff of AWSDC. Most importantly we thank Foreign & Common Wealth Office (FCO)(British Embassy, Kabul) for their financial support.

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