Second day of the conference started with recitation of holy Quran. A panel discussion was held and Mr. Hamed Murtaza chaired the panel and he request all the participants to share their learning’s in the society.
Mr. Abdul Wali Basirat, spoke about Causes of sexual violence in society moreover Role of family violence in promoting sexual violence and Etymology of sexual deviations and its influence and its impact on family breakdown were discussed by Shahla Farid and Mr. Mir Sharefudeen Ansari
After lunch another panel was chaired by Ms. Sameera Hameedi. In this panel Ms. Jameela Afghan and Mr. Fazal Karim Saraji talked about Harms of sexual violence in light of Islam and laws and Role of Mosques, Imams, Islamic Religious Schools, Universities and civil society organizations in combating sexual violence

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