Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony of Conference – Women Status in Islam –Evaluating Harms of Sexual Violence Against Women and its psychological Dimensions March 5-7, 2016
Participation of H.E Dr. Abdullah Abdullah CEO of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the end of conference women status in Islam.
H.E Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and scholars and organization for women development participated at the conference which was conducted by Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) on 5-7 March 2016 in continental hotel. he considered conducting and development of the declaration as a very important step in the process. Besides he requested all the religious scholars and other groups to spread the gained awareness within their circles.
I Mary Akrami, on behalf of all AWSDC staff would like to thank H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah CEO Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, despite his all engagements and busy schedule attended the conference. We heartily thank H.E. we would also like to thank FCO for their financial support for the project.

Many Thanks,

Mary Akrami
Executive Director

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