8th March

March 8, 2016 – H.E. President’s commitment for EVAW as a Gift to all Afghans
finally our efforts have led us to the success that we wanted to achieve. Team AWSDC has successfully conducted the national conference as the celebration of the 8th March. Worth mentioning is that conference declaration was approved by H.E. President Ashraf Ghani yesterday. He committed to form a delegation and conduct consultation with the civil society, MoHRA and AWSDC in order to implement the declaration. Worth mentioning is his commitment for personally leading the process.
This just the beginning Team AWSDC will continue with even more energy and hope that next year on 8th March the violence against women has been removed from Afghanistan to a GREAT extent. We would like everyone to contribute with us with the relevant support in the process.
Looking forward to great work Together to see – A violence Free Afghanistan where everyone enjoys equal Rights!!

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