Meeting Report

Advocacy Committee Meeting Report

Advocacy Committee which is constituted by civil society members both by men and women has met Parwan Province Governor Mohammad Hasim Hasim.

This committee has been formed two months back with technical cooperation of UNUMA and Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center in Parwan Province.

Members of this committee and representatives of UNUMA office met with Parwan Province Governor and they shared their activity plan with the governor. Besides, Mr. Rohanuddin Rohan one of UNUMA’s office representatives has explained the activity and work plan of this committee and mentioned that this committee has been formed to strengthen government institutions, peacebuilding, law enforcement and to fight against corruption. And this committee is working voluntarily.

Qasim Ahmad Tabibzada youths Union Director and member of advocacy committee, Haji Mohammad Aman Big member of people shura and advocacy committee, Ms. Hosai Bayani Provincial Shura and advocacy committee member and Ms. Khatool Faqirzada board member of civil society and member of this committee on behalf of the advocacy committee members explained the action plan of this committee and mentioned that this committee has been formed to work towards people well, paving the way for peace and stability, to strengthen government strategies and a balanced development.


Governor of Parwan said such institutions of civil society plays an important role in society and government appreciate and support this act which is aiming for cooperation with government for bringing peace and stability and he pointed out meetings should be organized with this committee in accordance with strategy of governor’s office.

Also Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center (AWSDC) office in Parwan Province appreciated activity of this committee and AWSDC concern person in Parwan Province Noorulhaq Ahmadi also admired this committee for decreasing of violence, advocacy, peace and stability and also members of this committee have been granted with appreciation certificate by AWSDC office in Parwan Province.

The appreciation certificates given by the Governor of Parwan and Noorulhaq Ahmadi to Hosai Bayani, Khatool Faqirzada, Haji Mohammad Aman Bigzada, Mohammad Qasim Tabibzada, Abdul Ghafar Raoofi, Nazifa Hofiani, Dr. Ahmad Shayeq Hakimi, Mohammad Sadiq Haydari, Shukrullah Shams and etc…

It has to be mentioned that Advocacy Committee has 13 members.

At the end Governor of Parwan Province wish them more success on serving the people.

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