UN Women

UN Women

I would like to thank UN Women for their great Support. UN Women played a vital role in AWSDC and supported all Women protection centers (WPC, s). Also it’s a big achievement for AWSDC to have a such type of donor with our self.

Currently AWSDC have four Women protection centers (WPC, s) Kabul, Baghlan, Bamyan, Parwan where all WPC, s are supported by United Nation for Women.

Objectives which are given by UN Women under the EVAW Law are to support those women’s who are been victims of violence. Providing them a safe house to live, supporting them through services provided by AWSDC like counseling, Awareness session, literacy education, Vocational training, Medical support, legal Awareness. Raising their voices in Government institutions, increment their capacity building to work and earn money in public place and society. Also one of main and important objectives is Women empowering of beneficiaries inside Women protection centers,


Why we open Women protection centers WPC, s?

Land practices, the women of Afghanistan who are victims of gender-based violence also continue to suffer in silence. Men are given the full authority of power and control over the female body and life of their women folk. The interconnection of family honor and sexual behavior of women is the basis for male control over female mobility and sexuality. The larger public justifies and even celebrates honor killings as a symbol of masculinity and keeping social order. Violence against women is an everyday phenomenon across all classes, sub-cultures.

The home is regarded as the private sphere where family law and legal bodies are reluctant to interfere. Relationships between men and women are based on power and control and it becomes very difficult for a woman to escape these structures if violence occurs within the family – the place which is ironically supposed to be safest! In most cases violence on women including killing are justified as ‘’corrective measures’’ ‘which a man took because he was justifiably ‘provoked’ by the woman’s behavior


Basic Purpose of WPC establishment

A few women make the move to assert their human rights and seek shelter and support while they can decide on what they need to do next. These women need to be supported. While addressing social biases is possible in the long term

Violence against women is an everyday phenomenon across all classes, sub-cultures and sects, the Progress Report of Transit Shelter for Survivors of Violence Sept-Dec 2007 4 first steps include providing a safe refuge till the victimized woman can regain her morale and strength to seek legal recourse, reconciliation, or decide on an alternate future for herself and her children. It is not a matter of numbers but a matter of value for women’s human rights. Unfortunately, the state and most NGOs do not find this a development priority.


Success Stories

Case:- Forcing into Compulsory Marriage

  • A girl lost her mother in her childhood. But after death of her mother her father married another woman. During Childhood her step mother married her to someone who was 60 years old and had 5 child. But her step sons were older than her. They soon started beating her and threw her out home. And they did not want her to be in their home. After that Nooria went back to her father’s home but her step mother didn’t leave her to stay. Her step mom accused her for doing some unfair action which is why she was forced to leave her in laws house by her husband. At last she referred to Ministry of women affair on 28 December 2014 and from Ministry from she was introduced to Kabul WPC on 1st Jan 2015.

she personally wanted to get divorce from her husband. WPC lawyers in this regard submitted her case at the court and the court favored Nooria. But her husband refused ultimately the case was forwarded to supreme court which once again favored to her. The husband once again refused to accept the court orders. Her husband was fined 600,000 Afs and ordered to divorce her wife as soon as possible. In the following court the husband will pay the fine and legally divorce her.

she is currently residing at Kabul WPC and availing services of literacy training and rest of the supports. Nooria says that there has been an explicit role of Kabul WPC staff in bringing welfare to her life. And now her case is finished and she got her divorce she is living in WPC,s and taking services inside WPC,s

Case: force marriage

  • 27 years old girl who was born in dehkadah district Baghlan province. Her bad memories starts from which her father had almost a wife and child. But again he is married with another woman. And brought an ex mother in home. Her mom was unhappy from 2nd marriage of her husband. Every time her father starts beating her mom and doing violence on her mother. One day her mother dies because of her husband violence her father gives her daughter to unknown person on 10/12/2014 Where the girl gets marry. After that the girl finding out her husband is a killer and he killed a person. The police arrested her husband after several years. When her husband arrives home he will gets disappear from the city. The girls come back to her father home and her ex mother beats her and never lets her in peace. At last she will refer to Department of women affair from their she will get introduce to Baghlan WPC. Her case gets finish and she got her divorce from her husband. Now she is alone in WPC and doesn’t have any family to stay. WPC is waiting when Department of women affair takes proper decision about her.


Case:-  Prohibiting from the right of marriage


  • A girl loved a person by the name of Abaas they both promised that they are marrying with each other. But the family of the girl was not happy with their relationship. One day abaas came in their home with his family for marrying with her. But her family didn’t accept and told them to leave the home. The family of the girl told her if she leaves the home or goes with abaas they will not accepts her again and do not lets her to enter the home. One day her friend advised to go and stay in WPC till her case get finish. she came bamyan WPC defense lawyers started her cases. During her stay the staffs provided all the things need for her such as clothes, shoes, shawl blanket, and washroom items. Without this started working on her capacity building and thought her reading writing and other subjects. Given her vocational training on tailoring. After months the lawyers given her a good news that her case is solved and the family of her accepted abaas and the two families became friendly with each other. she is now very happy and thanking a lot for giving her a new life.







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