Project file# foreign common wealth office (FCO) 2015 – 2016 

Project location#  Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Kapeesa
Duration #September 2015 to 31st march to March 2016
Purpose of project # the project aims to Support the AWSDC in combating sexual violence against women in Afghanistan while offering support to victims of violence who face threats to their lives. To improve govt and societal awareness of the problems of sexual violence ,to provide emotional and psychological support to the victims of sexual violence ,To provide skills and development training enabling victims of sexual violence .

Context and need for the project# as a highly patriarchal country where women are treated as second class citizens, Afghanistan is often considered one of the most difficult places for women to live and women are often exposed to violence .sexual violence has been prevalent in afghan society for a long time, yet only recently has the emergence of media reporting helped

In bringing the cases to public knowledge .after being victimized women face marginalization by society and on some occasions, their lives are threatened by the loss of” family honor “.

The general public is influenced by public and religious attitudes to sexual violence which are not directly being addressed by government, .the 3 strands of this project aim to; to begin the process of changing public opinion, provide psychological and emotional support to women who have been victims of sexual violence and provide a frame work for those women to return to society through economic empowerment .this project is in line with UK’s strategy for women, peace and security.

Short Project Summary:  The project will advocate for a nationwide effort with a multi –faceted approach in order to work for the elimination of sexual violence against women in afghan society.

First we will deliver a comprehensive advocacy and public awareness raising campaign, targeting religious and governmental leaders in order to have broader impact in regard to combating sexual violence.

Second the project will offer support to the victims of sexual violence by providing psychological treatment and vocational training to help rebuild their lives.

Third, the project will support training and employment for women leaving our shelter in order to reintegrate with afghan society.
Project Plan : Based on the information provided in the summary ,use the table below to set out the purpose ,outputs and activities to be delivered .give the indicators for the purpose and each output ,along with the base line information ,what the target to be reached is and when it will be delivered by, along with milestones (check points) at which progress will be measured .this will allow you to monitor and measure progress throughout the project ,and provide clear evidence of the project’s success

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