Success Stories


Nikah case:
Date of entry: Nevomber 15, 2015
Date of Exit: October 18, 2015
The success story covers the story of a 20 years old girl who wanted to marry the boy she loved. When the boy sent proposal for the girl, his proposal was rejected by girl’s family several times. The girl and boy somehow managed to contact each other and planned to escape from homes and get married. The girl is referred to WPC by ministry of women affairs. According to AWSDC the families should help respect the decisions of their daughters and sons to avoid these coincident which will harm both them and society. The lawyer AWSDC struggled to contact girl’s family. The girl was taken to Ministry of Women Affair for mediation which was very challenging. Still the lawyer tried and succeeded through different procedures. After All The girl family accepted their daughter’s marriage with the person she loved . The Nikah of boy and girl took place in family court with the acceptance of both families. After Months the follow-up occurred by WPC staffs where WPC staff went to girl home. She was happy from her marriage and the family of the girl were also happy from this relationship.

Case of Domestic violence, Forced 2nd marriage and Inheritance Denial
Referral Date: May 10, 2015
Case Closure Date: November 10, 2015

This part covers the story of one of 49 years old woman who was forced in to getting married to her brother in law after her husband passed away. The beneficiary was 49 and mother of 3 children. Her husband was killed by Taliban and as per family tradition she was married to her brother in law who was 10 years younger than her. She didn’t want to get married to such a young guy. Rather she wanted to stay widow. Since she was promised some property in her Mehar at the wedding time the in laws forced her to get married so that the property stays in the possession of the family. After marrying her she was under the consistent domestic violence. No one could help her because her new husband was a local commander. Finally she sought shelter at Parwan WPC and using the power of the relevant authorities. AWSDC staffs demanded her divorce. Ultimately, her husband was compelled to listen to her. He didn’t agree to divorce her but gave a formal commitment for giving her all legal rights and property. She took the offer and now she has been happily living with the same family with the surety of not being harmed by in laws. The case did take time but at the end it favored the victim.
One of Kabul WPC Client name was Mahnaz when she was a child she lost her parents. Since she was young so her uncle decided to keep her with himself. The uncle was gambler and he married Mahnaz to another gambler in order to compensate his loss in the gambling. After marriage she was taken to Iran. In Iran she wasn’t on that level to have a child but after few years god given her a child in very less age. Her husband was a drug addict and using drugs when her husband didn’t found any drugs he came and beat her wife. And her husband used to beat her with everything. And he put her in a box and closed the box untill she agreed to go to streets and earn money to give the money to her husband and he could buy drugs. His violence was increasing day by day against his wife. One day she explained all the situations to uncle of her husband. When his uncle wanted intervened to join them together back and warned his nephew to quit drugs. The husband accused Mahnaz for having sexual relationship with his uncle and reported to Iranian police. As a result the she was sentenced 5 years imprisonment. After she was released from jail the Iranian government deported her to Herat, Afghanistan. She remained at WPC for one year in Herat. Since she was helpless so wanted re-join her husband and she searched a lot but couldn’t find her husband. She was then transferred to AWSDC’s WPC in Kabul on 23/03/2014. She has been still living in shelter and getting trained on life and vocational skills and attending literacy classes. She has been consistently given psychological counselling. As a result she no longer deems herself helpless rather she is working hard to be self-sufficient both social and economically. She is now quite satisfied with her life.
Nooria Case
Forcing into Compulsory Marriage

WPC client Nooria lost her mother in her childhood. But after death of her mother her father married another woman. During Childhood her step mother married Nooria to someone who was 60 years old and had 5 child. But her step sons were older than nooria. They soon started beating her and threw her out home. And they did not want Nooria to be in their home. After that Nooria went back to her father’s home but her step mother didn’t leave her to stay. Her step mom accused her for doing some unfair action which is why she was forced to leave her in laws house by her husband. At last she referred to Ministry of women affair on 28 December 2014 and from Ministry from she was introduced to Kabul WPC on 1st Jan 2015.
Nooria personally wanted to get divorce from her husband. WPC lawyers in this regard submitted her case at the court and the court favored Nooria. But her husband refused ultimately the case was forwarded to supreme court which once again favored Nooria. The husband once again refused to accept the court orders. Her husband was fined 600,000 Afs and ordered to divorce her wife as soon as possible. In the following court the husband will pay the fine and legally divorce Nooria.
Nooria is currently residing at Kabul WPC and availing services of literacy training and rest of the supports. Nooria says that there has been an explicit role of Kabul WPC staff in bringing welfare to her life.
Momenah Case:
Battery and Laceration Case
2016/1/11 – 22/03/2016

• Momenah is one of clients whose father had mental problem and always given her extreme violence. She always used to be beaten by her father. At last one day her father took knife and injured her. Ultimately she referred to WPC Bamyan from here our staff started to proceed her case. Momenah was taken to hospital in Baghlan city. When she became fine her uncle with lots of the village people decided to punish her father but her father was not legally executed because her father had mental problem. Then Momenah was then taken to Kabul for better treatment and her uncle promised that she will not again face any violence. After long days when she was in Kabul for medical treatment. She went back to bamyan and staying in her uncle home. Because her father is not fine.
Name of client: – Marjela
Case name: – Marriage before the legal age
Date: – 11/08/2016

Marjela loved a person by the name of Abaas they both promised that they are marrying with each other. But the family of marjela was not happy with their relationship. One day abaas came in their home with his family for marrying with marjela. But her family didn’t accept and told them to leave the home. The family of marjela told her if she leaves the home or goes with abaas they will not accepts her again and do not lets her to enter the home. One day marjela friend advised her to go and stay in WPC till her case get finish. Marjela came bamyan WPC defense lawyers started her cases. During her stay the staffs provided all the things need for marjela such as clothes, shoes, shawl blanket, and washroom items. Without this started working on her capacity building and thought her reading writing and other subjects. Given her vocational training on tailoring. After months the lawyers given her a good news that her case is solved and the family of marjela accepted abaas and the two families became friendly with each other. Marjela is now very happy and thanking a lot for giving her a new life.
Name of client: – Gul Pazir
Case name: – Forcing into Marriage
Date: – 10/19/2016

Gul pazir an 18 years old girl born in bamyan province in Doshi Districts. Due to Un lawful cultures her family engaged Gul pazir with a unknown person. Gul pazir wasn’t aware from her engagement for who she is given after several days later she knew about her engagement and she saw the person that she was engaged. She was really upset of this situation and no one in her family didn’t heard her decisions that what she wants. After several days she escaped from home on 10/19/2016 she came to department of women affair and told her stories that what was happen on her and how her family done violence on her. After that department of women affair introduced her to Bamyan WPC. WPC staffs raised her case in the coordination meeting. All participators given their decision that her engagement should be cancel and her father should come in the mediation meeting and do promise that next time no one should force on her to get engage with someone unknown person after several days her engagement was cancelled and her father came and promised next time he won’t do these types of work with her daughter. Also Bamyan WPC recorded his thoughts that he said. On 23/10/2016 Gul pazir went back with her father. On December 2016 WPC staffs went for follow up of the case they saw Gul Pazir she was happy from her life and no one is forcing on her in home. She stayed less days in WPC she didn’t get proper education and vocational training. But she got other services like social counselling, Awareness session, Legal advices, Lawyer and proper food with clothes.

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