Human Trafficking

Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center (AWSDC) Activities on Fight against Human Trafficking

Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center (AWSDC) is the only NGO among other NGOs working for Human Rights especially for Women Rights which has membership of the High commission of fight against Human Trafficking.
This membership has given to AWSDC by decree NO 2658 of the president of Afghanistan in 2014.
This commission has formed with membership of, Deputy for Ministry of Interior Affairs, deputy for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy for Ministry of Religious Affairs, Deputy for Ministry of Information and Culture, Deputy for National Defense Security, Deputy for ministry of Immigration, Deputy for Ministry of Women Affairs, Deputy for Attorney General Office, Deputy for Ministry of Labor, Human Rights Commission and Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center (AWSDC) Headed by Justice Minister.
This Commission has two parts:
1. Technical Commission:
This part organize meetings per month and they report and share their activities which have been done so far with the members of commission and also they discuss what should the members supposed to do in the future.
2. High Commission:
This part quarterly (every 3 months) organizes meetings. They discuss their and share their findings and achievements regarding Human Trafficking in all provinces of Afghanistan also they report their activities to cabinet of ministers and also to the president office.
By the decree of the president this commission also has formed in provinces headed by the governors.
AWSDC is involved in both commissions and has an active role.
Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center (AWSDC) is providing the following services.
Providing women protection centers (WPCs) in order to protect girls whose have been trafficked
 Awareness raising for communities on Human trafficking through workshops and trainings, we have organized awareness rising on diffenrt issues in districts of Kabul, Parwan, Faryab, Balkh, Heart, Samangan, Kunduz and Nangarhar provinces and we allocated a sufficient time to give the people (Men & Women) awareness raising on Human Trafficking voluntarily without any specific project
 AWSDC has implemented a small project on Human Trafficking in Farayb province. Also through round tables, TVs, Radios and Banners we have implemented our awareness rising in capital city of Faryab province and some other districts
 Representative of AWSDC played an active role beside representatives of ministries in inaugurations of commissions and also awareness rising of justice, legal and security institutions in provincial level on Human Trafficking

The law of fight against Human Trafficking is going to be printed after a review, as the last version of it had some problems regarding explanation of Human Trafficking, illegal immigration and etc.
the new version of this law will be printed after the approval of parliament and signed by president.
AWSDC along two other members had an efficient role in involving components, definitions and punishments for Human traffickers in this new version of law and reported to the cabinet of ministers and to the president office.
AWSDC’s efforts were deeply appreciated by the justice minister.
AWSDC representative had an active participation in national and international workshops on Human trafficking like, participation of AWSDC representative in an international conference on Human Trafficking along with other members of High commission of fight against Human Trafficking members and international participants from different countries in Serina Hotel last year.
Unfortunately as Afghanistan is known as a transit source and reference for human trafficking in the world, Humans are being trafficking from countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China to Afghanistan. And these people are going to be transferred to Iran and Turkey with fake passports.

But fortunately through security forces efforts during current year and last year a large number of people have rescued from Human traffickers and human traffickers were handed over to the law.

Sadiq Ayaar
Advocacy Manager

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