Dr. Husun Banu Ghazanfar, Ms. Mary Akrami, Executive director of AWSDC, Ms.Sayada Mozhgan Mostafawi, Professional Deputy of Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ms. FawziaHabibi, Administrative Deputy of Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Dr. Zarghona Ahmadzai, Medica Afghanistan. The center was opened with technical assistance of Medica Afghanistan and financial assistance of Foreign and Common Wealth Office (FCO). This unit is established for offering crisis intervention, individual therapy, and group therapy to women victims of the violence especially sexual violence. The intention is to provide women victims with prompt psychological treatment at the instance they are referred to the respective Ministry of Women Affairs. Her Excellency Dr. Ghazanfar very much appreciated the initial step and mentioned that there was a crucial need of this unit inside the ministry for the treatment of the victims

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