AWSDC’s Achievement: Policy for provision of the Conducive Work Environment for Female Police

In efforts to provide a conducive work environment to female police in the department; AWSDC has finally been successful to get a formal policy signed and approved by the MoI. The policy is currently under printing process. it will be shared with everyone very soon.

The policy was developed based upon the findings of survey that AWSDC’s research team conducted in five provinces of Afghanistan. It was found out that women were in very miserable condition at the police department. But this policy is going to be a very good stepping stone for developing broader policies in the favor of female police. We would like to thank MoI and all the other people who supported us in making it possible. We appreciate financial supports of Tawanmandi for this initiative.


  1. Literacy and income generation project through stitching and quilt making was started in one village names Miana Guzar, district Jabal Siraj of Parwan province with financial assistance of Norwegian Church Aid (NCA). To make the before mentioned project sustainable, micro credit scheme was introduced. Then they were organized in Shuras. Under this program revolving fund was initiated and now more than 65 women are getting benefit from it. This project took place with active involvement of the partner communities both women and men. One of the success indicators of the project is that at the end of the project, they are working in an organized way.
  2. AWSDC has been launched a peace building program in district Jabal Siraj district with financial assistance of Trocaire.
  3. One of the great successes of AWSDC is that under in the Jabal Siraj district, it formed seven Shuras out of which one is established on district level having representation from all six zones of the district and six are established in each zone. They are working for peace development in their respective realms.
  4. In Ghazni district a nine months project for vocational training and literacy was also completed and one hundred and forty women got benefited from it. A series of workshops on awareness on gender based violence were also conducted in which women and women from all over the district participated.
  5. As part of its strategies to address women rights issues AWSDC has been running the shelter (first shelter in Afghanistan) for women and children victims of violence since April 2003.
  6. A pilot project on Advocacy for Women Rights assisted by Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) has been started to address Women Rights issues in a broader perspective by involving all the stakeholders.


Reintegration of shelter beneficiaries (survivors of violence) in society,

Insecurity (financial, life threats)

To bring the issue of Women Human Rights at priority list for the government planning

To bring the donors on board by making them aware about the ground realities of Afghanistan regarding Women Human Rights and get a long term commitment

To take the religious and social institutions along to address the issue in sustainable way

Peace and security


As an active part of the Civil Society organizations, AWSDC is enjoying membership of the following Networks

AWN (Afghan Women Network)

ACBAR (Agency Coordination Body for Afghan Relief)

ACSA (Afghan Civil Society Action)

ACSF ( Afghan Civil Society Forum)

CCC (Coordination and Cooperation Committee)

ANCB ( Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau)

WPC (Women Political Committee)

Gender Roundtable

Main Donors

Improving the Economic  Women Protection Centers – State Departments 


Frontline Defender

UN Women

Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) 2014 & 2015

Canadian Women for Women






Strengthening collaboration and partnership with all the stakeholders for Women Human Rights

Establish a Think Tank including Social and religious institutions, legislators, law enforcing agencies to address and defend Women Human Rights in a sustainable way.

Geographical and sector wise extension responding to the needs and priorities of the partner communities.

Consolidate the experiences of shelter and build the capacity of other partners that run shelter for women at risk or survivors of violence.

Build the capacity of partner organization through training workshops and other technical support

To extend our efforts to regional and international level to give more strength to Women Human Rights issue.

Area of Operation

AWSDC extends its operations throughout Afghanistan in line with policies and laws of the country, having its principal office in Kabul. but presently has four field offices in Parwan, Faryab, Baghlan and Bamyan Province.

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