Chamangul Was about 15 years old when she got raped. She is a resident of faryab district. Chamangul’s father and mother were at home and her brothers were outdoors busy in the capital, It was 10:00pm at night suddenly their door opened and eight policemen broke inside their house. Chamangul’s father and mother were cruelly and harshly beaten by the policemen. They brutally tightened feet and hands of chamangul’s parents with the rope. Chamangul was raped by repeatedly by eight policemen. The night that passed was very hard for Chamangul, her feet and hands were numb and senseless. When she woke up in the morning she saw her mother and father, they were sitting above her head with hands crossed and were crying.


Khalida was 6 years old that her mother soled her to a guy that was older then her. After her mother soled her she went and married after one week. Khalida didn’t knew, that her mother will sell her and marry after one week. After a month khalida’s husband family decided to go to Pakistan but luckily in the way to Pakistan they were caught by police. The police asked the guy that who is that little girl the guy answered that she is my wife. The police was surprised and tookedkhalida to an office called UNHCR and the guy. They send khalida to an orphanage and the guy to another orphanage to study because they were small. Khalida was there for few months and then they send her to our office AWSDC. In 2004 she started from 1st grade in Zarghona high school Kabul, up to 3rd grade. From 4th grade up to 9th grade she is studying in American school. She is still studying and wants to continue to the higher education and she wants to be an international lawyer because she wants to help others that are like her.


LalBibi is an eighteen years old girl from kunduz province, she was abducted and raped repeatedly by the local policemen for five days, The incident has occurred on May 2012, As narrated by the family , they were Isolated and had no one for the support, Such illegal act took place due to a relative of the family knew a local police commander and was irritating and offensive to the LAL bibi’s Family. The case was tracked by AWSDC with the support of governmental official, All eight perpetrators filed- khudaidad s/of mohammad rasool , ghulam sakhi s/of M.Amin, Ashaq nezami S/of abdul hakim, Abdul raziq S/of abdul khaliq were arrested , And they have been sentenced for sixteen years each. While Lal bibi’s case was pending she stayed at the AWSDC shelter for violated women with full living facilities, currently she is with her parents proceeding with a normal and happy life.

Masood and Shawali

Masood was 5 years old while shawali was of age 6 years. These two kids lived happily with their family. Their uncle was jealous of their father related to property and acres of land. These two boys have one sister and a little brother. One day suddenly from nowhere their uncle showed up and instantly killed the father of these two boys; he was brutally attacked by an axe. Masood’s sister and brother were evidence of the incident. Masood’s older brother Shawli when he saw this incident he turned to lose his mental ability. After while the incident occurred and times passed, mother of these two boys married another person taking their sister and brother with herself and leaving these two children behind. They were very isolated so their aunt adopted them, unfortunately due to less income of the family and hatred of the uncle towards these boys; she passed them over to the Americans. Even there their uncle tried to kill them than they were rendered by the help of a person to AIHRC AND UNAMA. These boys were sent to UNCHR that the organization took over their case as a responsibility and sent these boys to AWSDC shelter.


Nadia is 24 years old from zabal province, She used to live with her husband’s family in Pakistan. Her father had sold her to the old man she knew as her husband. Later in passage of the life Nadia got to know that her husband murdered his first wife, and passed the information to her father. As her father came to know that her husband is a murderer they both resulted into a fight and Nadia’s family shifted from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Mean while Nadia’s brother also came to know about the case of her husband and so the action was repeated, it resulted in to a harsh fights, including verbal slangs. But Nadia was supportive to her brother’s opinions. One day Nadia was defending his brother through a verbal dispute with her husband, her husband attacked her by beating her and Cutting her nose



Gulchaihra (flower faced) withers before blooming 

Gulchaihra, a 16 year old girl from the SouthernUruzgan province, is the latest story of violence against women and girls in Afghanistan. While child marriage had already disenfranchised the kid, domestic violence has now left her lying on bed paralyzed even before tasting her teenage years.

Gulchaihra was only 14 when she was married to her 27-year old cousin named Huali Mohammad. Although the age of bride herself, and age difference of the couple was a serious denial of Gulchaihra’s rights, the choice made on her behalf was seriously erroneous. Gulchaihra’s husband was drug addict and as such was not able to take up social and economic responsibilities of family life. Consequently, after marriage, the couple moved to Herat province where brother in-law of Gulchaihra assumed financial expenses of newly-wed couple.

Gulchaihra stayed for three months in Herat, thanks to financial support of her brother in-law, before she was allowed to visit her parents in Uruzgan. However, only one day after her arrival, her husband, fully intoxicated due to his usual use of drugs, also arrived at the house of his in-laws, parents of Gulchaihra. The same day, Huali Mohammad, husband of child Gulchaihra, fired a gun shot at her at day light of afternoon, apparently in a bid to put an end to her life. Nevertheless, Gulchaihra survived an attempt on her life but left with a set of miseries as the gun shot seriously injured hernerve veins in her waist traveling through her left shoulder and kidney. The attack immediately left young Gulchaihra unconscious.

Immediately after the heinous act, brother of injured Gulchaihra carried her to the district hospital. Unfortunately though, the limitations of district medical facility prompted the family to carry the victim to provincial hospital in Kandahar. To misfortune of Gulchaihra, the provincial hospital too could not help and take out the bullet from Gulchaihra’s body and the poor family had to opt for Kabul. In the meantime, suffering of Gulchaihra further exacerbated as she got paralyzed below her waist and as such could not walk. The hope of Gulchaihra’s family pinned to Kabul also got diminished as after one long month’s stay at Ali Abad hospital could not serve the purpose of the unfortunate patient as doctors advised that the little girl could not be treated in Afghanistan and should be carried outside, probably Pakistan. Constrained family returned back to hometown and retained Gulchaihra for 12 days at home without any treatment. Yet, parenthood love took the last ditch and Gulchaihra’s family traveled to Quetta city of Pakistan. However, a month long stay in Quetta too resulted in hopelessness as doctors there too advised the family to take the patient to a private hospital in Karachi city of Pakistan. This time though, the new direction shown to the family was beyond their financial bounds and as such the poor girl had to return back without response to her health needs.

While the suffering of injuries left Gulchaihra in her parent’s house without treatment, the family of her husband also started threatening her. The family of under custody Huali Mohammad threatened the family of Gulchaihra to forgive him, else her father and only brother would be killed. As the family of Huali Mohammad maintains strong influence in the area, police and other government institutions sided against child girl and blamed her for making the issue large by pretending as if she was paralyzed. Consequently, physically and mentally injured, a living body between hope and hopelessness issued a statement in favor of her husband helping him to only two year imprisonment. In the meantime though, the only person striving for Gulchaihra’s treatment, her only hope for rest of her life, her young brother was gunned down by unknown people. The culprits, however, could not be identified, as family assumed that the case was deliberately overlooked by law enforcement agencies.

Gulchaihra says “during the course of her treatment, I approached provincial department of women affairs and provincial office of Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC). A misfortunes follows unfortunate everywhere, no one came forward to respond back my needs.

Somehow, Gulchaihra could garner support of Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) in Kabul. MoWA has asked the Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) to place her at the shelter and offer her support.

Gulchaihra is currently being treated in Kabul with the help of AWSDC team. However, her full recovery entails large sums of finances which are beyond organizational capacity of AWSDC. Therefore, AWSDC is knocking at every single available door for financial support to a poor Afghan girl who has experienced misfortunes far beyond her age warrants. This is the moral responsibility of every charitable organization, national and international health centers. Hence we sincerely ask charitable organizations, national and international health center, benevolent and compassionate people to support this 14 year old girl upon whom such gruesome violence has taken over. We need to boost the hope of Gulchaihra for living as she has not lost her hope yet and she believes:

“I still hope to live, live a normal life as being a Muslim Allah is my greatest hope. I have not lost my hope, and Allah will help me find a way out of my current situation”    


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