Activism – Saying no to (GBV) – a 16 day project by AWSDC aiming to bring women, religious scholars and youth together to advocate protection of women rights

The project will be implemented in Kabul, Parwan, and Faryab provinces. Kabul housing the largest part of Afghan population belonging to almost all parts of country remains one of the key provinces for social change drives. Hence, any activity targeted at social change will make a broader impact over rest of the country. On the other hand, Parwan and Faryab are provinces where social norms are established by local culture resulting in denial of women rights. Women are not able to report and talk about gender based violence. The provinces are also one of those with most of the communities
residing in rural areas, resulting in lack of access to modern day media
and as such remain least developed

Religious leaders and women groups will be targeted in order to bring them together for activism. Also, the youth groups and will be targeted in order to mobilize them for continuous and longer term activism against gender based violence. The target group will be mobilized to advocate and conduct activism to eliminate violence against women from Afghan society which should ultimately help in improvement status of Afghan women

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