A Preparatory meeting was conducted at AWSDC for the upcoming national Conference for the elimination of sexual violence against women 10-Feb-2016

Conference on Women’s status in Islam: “Evaluating Harms of Sexual Violence from Islamic & Legal Perspectives” at Intercontinental hotel, Kabul the conference.


Advisory and Guidance Meeting to make Development Plan for 1397 Faryab Province,

AWSDC First Board of Directors meeting for the year 2016 held in Bost Restaurant on 30th April, 2017.


Holding 1 Day workshop on Conflict analysis for New and Old peace shura members of Andkhoy, Qaramqol, Qurghan and Khan Charbagh.


 Monitoring and Evaluation session and process of Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center (AWSDC) filed office in Faryab province Districts.


Advocacy committee for victims of violence (Women) meeting has been held on Monday 26 December 2016.


Advocacy workshop held in Bost Restaurant 26 November 2016.

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