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AWSDC is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD is independent of the regular management of the organization and is responsible for periodic review of the performance of the organization. BoD at least twice a year meets where it reviews the activities of AWSDC, progress made towards organizational objectives. Also, it provides oversight to the quality of the activities of AWSDC. Particularly, the BoD provides strategic guidance to the organization for its future activities.

The day to   day to day management of AWSDC is undertaken by the Executive Director of the organization. The Executive Director performs supervisory role of the organization, provides strategic and policy guidance and ensures that the organizational management is undertaken as per the organizational rules, regulations and policies. The executive director is accountable to the BoD, donors, and Government of Afghanistan.

The executive director is support by a program director responsible for management, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the ongoing projects. Besides, the person is responsible for development of new project concepts and initiatives. The program director is served by a team comprised of a program officer, Mentoring and Evaluation officer and program consultant. The program director also supervises different projects managed by the project managers.

Admin and finance manager manages the finance and administration departments. The finance department is comprised of a finance team while admin team is comprised of procurement, human resource management and administrative support staff. The team offers operational support to the projects.

The organization also has an advocacy unit responsible for identifying issues for advocacy. The unit is responsible for advocating for women rights.

  1. Technical expertise and work sector

AWSDC is focused on defending women rights in Afghanistan. The organization undertakes skills development, entrepreneurship for women, women capacity building and advocacy for women rights. AWSDC particularly embeds promotion of women rights in skills development and as such combine skills development, capacity building and human rights activism for enhancement of status of women in Afghanistan.

AWSDC remains engaged in promotion of good governance. For the purpose, AWSDC identifies legislative and policy gaps, conducts research and performs capacity building trainings for government capacity enhancement. Good governance remains a key area of AWSDC as it works with the government institutions in order to make them perform their job responsibilities professionally.

Hence, AWSDC has established a strong team maintaining mix set of expertise comprised of skills development, women capacity building, promotion of human rights, community mobilization, women rights advocacy and activism.

  1. Memberships

AWSDC is an active member of Afghan Women Network (AWN). As such it is linked up with strong network of women NGOs. The organization partners with other sister organizations on issues of common interest. In addition, it also uses and allows other to use common facilities for performance of activities contributing to pursuance of common objectives. This partnership allows AWSDC to have access to common facilities such as office premises, internet facilities etc. in areas where it is not yet established.

  1. Geographical coverage of AWSDC

AWSDC’s main office is Kabul. The project’s implemented in Kabul are managed from the main office. Besides, AWSDC has a provincial office in Parwan province supporting implementation of projects in different parts of Parwan province. Besides, a provincial office is also established in Parwan province where projects implemented in the province are managed. Also, AWSDC has offices established in Balkh, Bamyan and Faryab provinces currently managing projects at the provincial level.

Besides, AWSDC has close collaboration with other partner NGOs based in other provinces through AWN. As such, AWSDC will be able to use their facilities and base for implementation of projects in other provinces such as Bamyan, Kandahar, Herat and Ghor.

1.1  Programmatic Approach

AWSDC is women focused organization supporting enhancement of status of women in social, political and economic spheres of the Afghan society. The organization believes in entrenching women rights in skills development and as such uses skills development as a basic tool for women awareness raising about their human rights as stipulated in the national constitutional and legal and policy documents as we as international treaties ratified by the Afghan government.

AWSDC undertakes skills development in parallel with capacity building of women in order to empower them gain the ability to access and defend their human rights. The approach allows women learn skills for their economic development, an important factor for self-reliance while give them an opportunity to come to know their formal rights.

In the meantime, AWSDC undertakes community based approach in its programming forming partnerships with the local communities, particularly men, in order to turn them into supporters of women’s broader participation in all activities. AWSDC works closely with the community elders, religious leaders, political personalities and local government institutions during its pursuance of women’s empowerment agenda.

Besides, AWSDC undertakes advocacy at the national level together with international community partners, civil society organizations, government of Afghanistan and national parliament. The advocacy focuses on development of legislation favoring promotion of women rights, implementation of already established laws, promotion of new policies and consideration of women issues in national level strategic planning.


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